Installation & Start Up

Installation & Start-up

How can I install another language version if I ordered an English version of a CyberLink software product?

CyberLink programs normally support multiple languages. Check the Preferences window of your product for an option to change the language.
If there is not option available, CyberLink supplies language kits so you can change the display language of the software user interface, messages 
and help files after installation.

How do I install CyberLink software?

That depends on where did you obtain CyberLink software.

    - Boxed or Retail Version: Insert the software CD in your drive and the installation will begin automatically. Select install and then follow the 
      instructions on the screen to complete the installation. You need the activation key that is located on the CD case.
    - Trial Version: After the download is complete, go to the location on your computer where you saved the trail version of a program and then 
      double-click on the Setup file to install. No activation key is required.
    - Download Version (online purchase): Upon successful processing of your online purchase, you will be directed to a Thank You page. 
      On this page you can download the purchased software by either clicking the 'Download' button or by right clicking on the ‘Download' 
      button and choosing 'Save Target As' in your browser. After the download is complete, locate where you saved the program and then 
      double-click on the executable program (usually Setup.exe) to install. Then follow the instructions to complete the installation.
    - Bundled Version: This version came with some hardware your purchased and may already be installed on your computer. A backup 
      file (and activation key if required for installation) should also be included in the Recovery CD/DVD or on a separate CyberLink software 
      program CD. If the software is not pre-installed, simply follow the steps of the Boxed or Retail Version described above.

What are the differences between the minimum and recommended system requirements?

The minimum system requirements lists the basic hardware/software that are required to run the specific CyberLink product. If your system 
configuration meets the minimum system requirements, you can run the CyberLink product with no problems. However, it may result in slower 
processing of program features, and you may need more time to finish the task. Additionally, lesser memory (RAM) implies that in some 
occasions, larger files may not be processed correctly. For example, real-time capture may also result in frame drops on a minimum requirement system.

By contrast, meeting the recommended system requirements will allow you to fully take advantage of all the featuers and benefits of 
CyebrLink programs, with shorter processing times, and increased ease of use.

What can I do if I lost my program?

There are three ways we can assist you:

Download version

To re-download software you have already purchased on CyberLink Online Store, you will need to go to your order information page and press the 
re-download button. To view your order please visit Cyberlink Member Zone and click on Check Order Status. If you purchased Extended Download 
option along with your product, you can download the program that you purchased anytime during the valid period (2 years starts from the day you purchase it).

Note: You are eligible to download the product for 5 times within 30 days after you place that order. After 30 days, you will need to contact technical support 
and provide your order confirmation email as a proof of purchase. The support team will then send you alternative download link to download the product you purchased.

Boxed version

If you bought a boxed version from our online store, then you can follow the same steps as above. If your purchase was made in a retail store, then we 
may provide you with a download if you can provide a receipt or if you registered your software prior to losing it.

Bundled version

If you have a bundled version (so the software that came free with your PC, notebook or other hardware), you need to contact your hardware vendor to 
get the backup disc to install the program.

Why doesn't the CyberLink program that bundled with my PC work on another computer?

Hardware-bundled versions of CyberLink products often include some customizations for the originally shipped computer and it may not be suitable 
for other computers because of the hardware incompatibilities.