CD & Key Activiation

CD Key & Activation

How can I enter an activation key(CD Key) to activate CyberLink products?
You can enter the activation key manually or copy and paste* using (Ctrl + V) into the first entry box. Some CyberLink programs like
PowerDVD 6 (or above), Power2Go 5 (or above) and PowerDirector 5 (or above) do not require the activation key before installation. 
However, when you start these programs, they will require an activation key to activate.

For the Trial version of CyberLink software, you don't have to activate the software to use it until the trial period is expired.

Note: Please do not right-click and paste an activation key using your mouse. This will enter the entire activation key into the first entry 
box, while leaving the others blank.

What can I do if I inputted the activation correctly, but the "Next" button is still grayed out during installation?

When you enter an activation key, please make sure that there are no spaces before or after the actual activation key entry and remember 
that it is case-sensitive. Also make sure that you have filled in all other required information.

Note: Some of CyberLink products require you input activation key during installation. You have to fill-in Company Name, Name and activation Key. 
Any empty fields make the installation program unable to proceed.

What can I do if I lost my activation key(CD Key)?

Before contacting customer support, try to locate the activation key through the following steps:

If you have registered your products:

If you have registered the software, you can log in CyberLink Members Zone and select Manage My Products in the left menu, and then click 
Manage CD-Keys tab. You will see all the keys you have registered before.

If you haven't registered the products:

Retail or boxed versions: If you have a retail or boxed version, the CD sleeve/case should have an activation key sticker attached to it.
Online/Download version: If you have the online/download version, you can check your email inbox for your order confirmation e-mail. 
It provides you with the product key.
Bundled version: If you got your software free as a bundled version, the CD sleeve/case should have a sticker attached to it. If not, please
contact the hardware supplier to get a new key.

If you still have no luck locating the activation key, you will have to register as a CyberLink Member and submit a technical support form to 
ask for a new key. You will need to attach a digital or scanned image (in .jpg format) of your installation disc as the proof of ownership of the 
original software copy.

Note: If you are reading this prior to having lost your key, then we strongly recommend that you register your software as this will keep your 
activation key safe and available if you ever need it. You can always find Online Registration shortcut in the CyberLink program folder of 
Windows Start menu.

What does an activation key(CD Key) look like?

There are two major activation key(CD Key) formats:

     - ABYYYYYYYYYYYYYY: The first two digits are English characters, the other 14 digits could be English or numeric characters
     - ABYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY-YYYYY: The first two digits are English characters, the other 28 digits could be English or numeric 
       characters. Hyphens are used after every fifth characters.

The activation key is case-sensitive and there are no spaces at the beginning or the end of it.

Note: Some bundled program may not require an activation key before installation. Instead you can only install and run the bundled
programs on the bundled computer or with the bundled devices.

Why can't I activate my CyberLink program?

The first time you launch the full version of a CyberLink program, you will see the activation dialog box. Enter your serial number for activation. 
Please ensure you have a valid serial number (also known as CD-key or activation key) and that you entered it correctly. If the [Next] button is 
still grayed out, please try one or more of the following:

    - Please double check the serial number you entered is correct. For example, the letter S is often confused with the number 5, and make 
      sure there are no blank spaces in each column (before or after the actual serial number entry) Also, remember that the serial number is case-sensitive.
    - Please do not right-click and paste an serial number using your mouse. Try to type your serial number manually in the activation dialog box.
    - Please temporarily disable anti-virus/ Firewall software, programs that scan or manage disk activity. These programs may conflict with the activation process.
    - Please ensure you install and activate the full program build of CyberLink product first, before you install the patch.

Note: The trial version of a CyberLink product cannot currently be activated to the full version directly. You must uninstall the trial and then reinstall
the retail version.

If you still can’t resolve the problem, you can contact CyberLink Technical Support. Before contacting Technical Support.
The more info you provide, the more we can understand your issue and better service will be provided.

Please also take a snapshot of error message with the serial number you have entered and describe your issue with installation steps in detail for 
our further assistance.