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Alien Enterprises, trading as Edutain Distribution, was first established in 1991 and has since been undergoing aggressive growth annually. The company offers a total distribution solution for edutainment and personal rich multimedia (PRM) products to the reseller channel as well as the OEM and educational channels.
As a leader in the distribution of computer software and peripheral products, Edutain distributes an exclusive range of innovative products from the industry’s leading manufacturers from England, the USA, Asia and South Africa, in the corporate, lifestyle and educational space.
The company specialisesin the distribution of IBM, PC, CD and MAC software, as well as multimedia and peripherals, Pal system products and console accessories.
A key element of the Edutain Distribution approach is their vision of exceeding expectations with all their partners every day through integrity, dedication and premium customer service. Edutain has a quality team of staff with the skills and experience to assist their partners to really compete in the modern, fast changing world.
The company’s success niche lies in the extensive support services it provides to resellers which include a thorough understanding of the industries in which they operate, continual education and training as well as marketing and technical support nationwide.

Edutain Distribution distributes: Dorling Kingsley; Pinnacle Systems, Dazzle, Magix, GSP, Brighter Child, Eduproand Learn 24.


Interpersonal communication has been revolutionized by the development of broadband internet and the increased availability of multimedia cellphones, high-performance PCs, digital cameras and CD/DVD devices. Edutain is committed to making these invaluable tools available to private and corporate users, who can enjoy the benefits of effective state-of-the-art communication. Though the use of digital devices and appropriate software solutions, multimedia content such as videos, photos, music, speech, texts and graphics can now be combined into professional presentations.
Edutain’sPRM tools are extremely powerful, yet cost effective and easy to use. They empower both the hobbyist and corporate to use multimedia for the first time. These products allow computer users to create live content from any source and across all formats.

The company’s PRM solutions allow company news, presentations and annual reports to be created and duplicated quickly and affordably as well as affording the company the ability to present and archive these professionally.
Corporate video’s can be tailored into exciting movies with music and multimedia effects and shown to customers and employeesonline or through television using a DVD player. Companies can create and manage their own content at desktop level without requiring the expansive services of post production houses.

Dedicated Team

An important facet of Edutain Distribution’s operation is the dedicated team of staff which includes 20 professionals, 10 sales staff, 4 administration, 2 technical support staff and 4 field representatives and managed by Ms Voula Philippides, Managing Director (Comp Science DIP), who has extensive experience and technical expertise after many corporate positions in large organizations. Joined in the management team by Mr. Gerry Philippides, Director (IMM DIP), with a proven track record in the many years spent developing various consumer markets.


EDUTAIN considered in the TOP ICT COMPANY journal 2005/6.
Voula Philippideswas selected for the award of Top 10 IT Women in August 2006.
Edutain has positioned itself as a leader in the digital PRM market, which is booming worldwide –digital cameras, multimedia cellphones, DVD devices and other entertainment electronics are now common household and business items.

Customer Base

With a growing turnover and a reseller channel of between 2000 and 4000 retail resellers and 800 corporate resellers, Edutain Distribution finds themselves well disposed in an ever increasing marketplace to carry through any leading edge technology products and have a proven track record in developing new innovativemarkets for the many manufacturers they are partnered with to prove it. Through their constant measuring and testing the market both locally and internationally Edutain manages to represent their suppliers through relevant training, constant advertising and pro active involvement in the market place.
A massive growth of 200% in the education market is predicted once ICT is accepted and implemented as the best solution to the educational crisis and Edutain plans to be an integral part of this process, expanding their educational interactive market. An aspiring development department has been added to the existing company.

“Edutain is currently the leader in the consumer digital video arena and we are hoping to continue growing the ranges to makethis technology a mainline application that is essential to an everyday user needing to communicate quickly and concisely,” says founder and managing director Voula Philippides.